Our map: Carinthian Startup Ecosystem

After intense collaboration with the startup community, we are happy to present our latest project: the map of the Carinthian Startup Ecosystem! Our map aims to provide both new startups and startups looking to move to Carinthia with all the necessary contacts and resources they might need.

So far there are 90 entries on the map, but this is just the beginning. As our map is updated regularly, we hope that many more will join for the future editions! We hope that this resource will not only be helpful, but also gets you started with your entrepreneurial journey in Carinthia with confidence, as there is more support than one could think, all it takes is reaching out to them!

Would you like to get a copy of the map? Then apply for it by sending us an email to info@startupcarinthia.com!

*Please note that the dynamic start-up ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we cannot guarantee the completeness of the map. We invite you to reach out to us at info@startupcarinthia.com to help us make it even better.