It’s our birthday!

We can hardly believe it’s been a year since we sent a loud message through the region. – “Wake up, Carinthia!” Some of you may still remember the legendary opening party with the unicorn bouncy castle…

You have not heard much from us lately, but we have been busy. So what has happened since then?

Of course, we had a bumpy start considering our first goal was to get all the players in the ecosystem around the table and talking to each other. Thanks to our really determined team, we are finally one step closer to that goal. It’s kind of unbelievable that it’s taken this long.

Last year, we also spent much of our time mentoring, training, and supporting students during Youth Entrepreneurship Weeks. Our goal is to support young entrepreneurs beyond the workshop week, as we feel it is important for Carinthia to challenge and encourage young talent. We see it as our duty to invest in their future and will therefore further expand the cooperation in the coming years.

In an effort to connect with the right partners, we managed to raise more funding. With this in hand, we were able to move into an office at the beginning of the month and finally welcome our first employee to the Startup Carinthia team. You will find our office in the community area of the Makerspace Carinthia. We are also setting up a lounge area where everyone can come to hang out, discuss ideas, get feedback, or stop by for a beer or coffee. You can meet us every first Friday of the month during our office hours from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

With over 180 members and many supporting members, we can now start into a second year where we will see more impact and action on an operational level. In a sense, we have paved the way for next year’s plans. There is plenty to do and we will keep you posted, as we are aiming to step up our communication efforts!

It’s not time to party just yet, but for now, let’s toast to a tough first year and a better outlook. And we promise you another legendary party as soon as we turn 2.

Let’s keep roaring,

The Startup Carinthia Team