A year of growth, collaboration and community impact: Our journey in review


Let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on the incredible journey we have been on this past year. From celebrating our very first birthday to achieving remarkable milestones, it has been a year of growth and success. With the addition of two talented employees, our team has achieved new goals and created exciting opportunities for the startup community.

In 2023, we introduced a new, exciting event format: With the “Startup Carinthia Talks”, we created a platform where we invite outstanding personalities from different industries and sectors to share their insights and experiences. The event kicked off with the enigmatic Dr. Baldwin, known as Dr. Enigma. His unravelling of the Enigma machine was truly captivating. Brace yourself, as our stage is set for more personalities to share their stories, successes and failures along their (entrepreneurial) journey.

This year, we stepped up our efforts to promote young entrepreneurship! As part of our commitment to education, we not only participated in and supported Youth Entrepreneurship Weeks across the region, but we also invited young entrepreneurs to our Open Office gatherings, where we put them in touch with the startup scene.

We organised and supported a number of workshops, such as the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Workshops with international students from the University of Ljubljana, the University of Udine, the University of Barcelona and the Intercultural Management students from the FH Klagenfurt. Another highlight was the interdisciplinary innovation workshop, where the Hirter Management Team, 10 startups from Vienna, Carinthia and abroad as well as students formed interdisciplinary teams and worked their way through innovation challenges. The workshops proved to be an ideal setting for learning, collaboration and new ideas.

As we look back on the past year, we are humbled by the support of our community and the commitment of our team. We are also delighted to see collaboration and participation accross several players and organisations from the ecosystem such as WKK, Gründerservice, build! Gründerzentrum, Carinthian Venture Fonds, See:port, FH Kärnten, Carinthian International Club and TEDxKlagenfurt. We look forward to pushing our efforts to unite the Carinthian ecosystem even further.
And we look forward to continuing this journey, bringing people together, creating opportunities, and making a difference in the lives of the people we interact with.